Development Resources

These development resources are available for your convenience only; you are in no way required to use them.


Please feel free to email the Launch engineering team with questions regarding extension development.

Internal Slack Channel (Adobe employees only)

If you are an Adobe employee, please join our Slack channel to hear about any API changes or ask questions about extension development. The Slack account is managed by TechOps, so if you have authentication issues, you may need to go to the IAM Portal and request to join the SLACK_ADOBETECHOPS group. Once requests are approved, it typically takes 4-6 hours for permissions to sync properly with Okta.

External Slack Channel

If you are not an Adobe employee and would like to discuss extension development, please email the Launch engineering team and we’ll set up a dedicated Slack channel.

Adobe DTM Switch Chrome Extension

We recommend installing the Adobe DTM Switch Chrome extension to help with debugging. After enabling debugging through the extension, you should see messages logged to the console when running a DTM library on a website.

Hello World Extension

A simple example extension.

Extension Scaffold Tool

A command-line tool that’s particularly helpful for setting up initial files when building a Reactor extension.

Extension Sandbox

This project provides a sandbox that runs on your local computer in which you can manually test your extension. We highly recommend using this tool while developing your extension.

Extension Packager

This project provides a command-line utility for packaging a Launch extension into a zip file. While using this utility is not necessary, it will validate your extension and make an effort to exclude anything from the zip file not necessary for the extension to run properly.

Extension Uploader

This project provides a command-line utility for uploading a Launch extension to the Launch extension marketplace. It can be used for uploading brand new extension packages or new versions of existing extension packages.