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At times it’s desirable to request a subset of records by means of a filter. Some API endpoints support the ability to filter by specific attributes. Filterable attributes will be noted on their respective index endpoint documentation areas.

To filter records on an index endpoint, supply a filter parameter in a request URL, formatted as: filter[FILTERABLE_FIELD]=value. Filter values must be exact matches.

For example:

GET /companies/:company_id/properties?filter[name]=PropertyA


Note: The above example URI shows unencoded [ and ] characters simply for readability. In practice, these characters must be percent-encoded, per the requirements in RFC 3986.

Filtering on multiple values

To filter by multiple values of an attribute, supply the values as a comma-separated list.

GET /properties/:property_id/extensions?filter[installation_status]=pending,succeeded

Multiple filters

To filter on multiple values, supply a filter parameter for each.

GET /companies/:company_id/properties?filter[name]=PropertyA&filter[enabled]=false