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Extensions, Rules, and DataElements are building blocks. When you want to make your application do something, these building blocks are added to a Library. A Library is built into a Build. Those Builds are delivered to a hosted location.

Hosts define available destinations where the Builds can be delivered.

Hosts come in two types as defined by the type_of attribute:

  1. akamai
  2. sftp

SFTP Hosts with skip_symlinks: true deliver file copies where symlinks would normally be used as not all SFTP hosts support symlinks.

When a Build is requested by the Launch user, Launch will check the Library to determine which Environment the Library should be built to. The Environment has a relationship with the Host and that is how Launch knows which Host to use to deliver the `Build.

A Host belongs to exactly one Property. A Property may have many Hosts.

A Host can be used by more than one Environment within a Property. It is common to have a single Host on a Property, and have all Environments on that Property use the same Host.

Each Launch Property must have at least one Host before you can publish. A host may only belong to a single property.

You can read more about Hosts in the Hosts section of the Launch User docs.