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Extensions, Rules, and DataElements are building blocks. When you want to make your application do something, these building blocks are added to a Library.

Rules control the behavior of the resources in your deployed Library.

RuleComponents are the individual items that make up a Rule. If a Rule is a recipe, then a RuleComponent is one of the ingredients.

RuleComponents have 3 basic types:

  1. Event - an event is the trigger for a rule. The rule starts when the event occurs at runtime on the client device. Library Load, Page Top, and Click are examples of Events.
  2. Condition - a condition is an evaluation if certain criteria are met before the Rule actions are executed. Once an Event occurs, conditions are evaluated. The Rule actions will only execute if all conditions are met.
  3. Actions - these are the actions you want the rule to actually perform such as sending an Adobe Analytics beacon, retrieving a custom visitor ID, or firing a particular mbox.

Note: The Launch UI currently shows conditions and exceptions separately, but underneath they are identical. An exception is just a NOT condition.

A RuleComponent belongs to exactly one Rule. A Rule can (should) have many RuleComponents.

A RuleComponent is provided by exactly one Extension. Extensions can provide many RuleComponent types.

Finally, RuleComponents are created by POSTing to a Rule, so before you can create RuleComponents, you must first create the Rule that they should belong to.

You can read more about rules and rule components in the Rules section of the Launch user docs.