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App Configurations


The implementation of App Configurations are in flux as features are added, removed, and reworked.

App Configurations allow credentials to be stored and retrieved for later use. As of this writing only Customer Journey Management (CJM) can read the decrypted push_credential.

platform determines what messaging services are available.

messaging_service such as Apple’s apns and Google’s fcm determines which key types can be used.

key_type abstracts a protocol that a push service vendor supports and determines the definition of the push_credential object. As protocols evolve for the messaging services, new key_types are created to support the updated protocols.

push_credential stores the credentials. The push_credential is encrypted at rest. This field is not normally decrypted or included in an API response. Only Adobe Services (only CJM currently, though more services may be allowed in the future) can get a response containing a decrypted push_credential.