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A Library is a collection of resources (Extensions, Rules, and DataElements that represent the desired behavior of a Property.

The publishing process in Launch consists of building a Library, testing the resulting Build in an Environment, and promoting that Library to the next stage of the process until it finally reaches the Production Environment.

There are two basic things to think about:

  1. Workflow state
  2. Attached environment

Every Library has a state that identifies what stage of the process it is at. The state also determines the available actions and assignable environments.

The Library is transitioned to different states of the workflow by supplying an action in the meta of a request.

Depending on the state, Environments of different types can then be assigned to the Library, the Library can be built and tested, and then moved to the next stage in the workflow.

Library State Description Can Add Resources Available Actions Assignable Environments
development The Library is editable Yes submit, approve Development
submitted The Library has been submitted for review No approve, reject Staging
approved The Library has been reviewed and approved for publishing No reject n/a
rejected The Library has been rejected No develop Development
published The Library has been published to Production No n/a Production

You may only add resources to a Library which is development. Submitted and Approved Libraries may be transitioned to rejected. Rejected Libraries may be transitioned back to development for additional changes and submitted for another review.

Putting this altogether, a sample publishing flow might look something like this:

  1. Create a new Library (new Libraries are created in the development state`)
  2. Assign Library to any available Development Environment
  3. Build
  4. Test
  5. Submit Library (transition to submitted state)
  6. Assign Library to the Staging Environment
  7. Build
  8. Test
  9. Approve (transition to approved state)
  10. Assign Library to the Production Environment
  11. Build

Note: Building to the Production environment will automatically transition the Library to published state, you do not have to transition it manually.

A Library belongs to exactly one Property. A Property can have many Libraries.

You can read more about Libraries and their states in the Approval Workflow section of the Launch user docs.