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Notes are textual annotations you can add to Launch resources of these types:

  • DataElements
  • Extensions
  • Libraries
  • Properties
  • RuleComponents
  • Rules

Those six types are collectively known as the Notable resources.

When a Notable resource is deleted, its associated Notes are also deleted.

Notes are Comments

The contents of Notes have no impact on the behavior of Property resources, so you are free to use them any way you want.

You might use Notes to:

  • provide background information
  • function as to-do lists
  • pass along resource usage advice
  • give instructions to other team members
  • record historical context
  • remind yourself why this resource is built the way it is

Revisable Notables

In the case of revisable types (DataElements, RuleComponents, Rules, and Libraries), any Notes must be created on the current (head) revision. They may not be attached to other revisions.

However, Notes may be read from revisions. In such cases, the endpoints will return only the Notes that existed before the creation of the revision. They provide a snapshot of the annotations as they were when the revision was cut. In contrast, reading Notes from the current (head) revision will return all its Notes.


Each Note is limited to 512 Unicode characters.

Notes are not editable. The only way to delete them is to delete their corresponding Notable.

Notes cannot be attached to non-Notable resources. Specifically, you cannot add Notes to AuditEvents, Builds, Callbacks, Companies, Environments, ExtensionPackages, Hosts, or Profiles.